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Whatever your stance on sustainability, there’s no denying that it’s in our long term interests to cut down on non-recyclable waste for the benefit of people and the planet.

To do this, we need to be conscious of our buying habits and ensure we shop for products that are built to last a lifetime. Thinking carefully about the quality and longevity of what we buy will help us to move away from single use and preserve our natural resources for future generations.

We believe that this responsibility should be made easy for the buyer. As manufacturers, we have a duty of care to provide long lasting products that can be used for years without having to dispose of or replace any of the main components.

That’s where the Pen for Life™ comes in. With correct care and maintenance, a fountain pen can provide a sustainable solution to your writing needs by delivering a lifetime of use and, apart from requiring the odd top up with fresh ink, nothing is used or disposed of. Thanks to the pen’s refillable converter unit, there are no empty cartridges to throw away, minimal mess and no risk of ink contamination.

The Pen for Life™ is manufactured from brass and triple chromium plated for superior performance that endures the test of time.


A fountain pen is an investment that is built to last a lifetime. However, in order to get the best performance and ensure the product keeps going for as long as it should, a certain level of care and maintenance is required. Follow the tips below to give your fountain pen the love it deserves and it will repay the favour with a lifetime of use and reliability.

1. About once a month, remove the cap of your fountain pen and flush the cartridge and nib under running water. Repeat two or three times to remove any accumulation of solid ink.

2. To clean the refillable converter unit, fill a glass with water and insert the end of the converter into the water. Then, pull water up through the converter a few times until the water runs clear.

3. Use a clean, absorbent cloth to thoroughly dry the components of the pen, paying particular attention to the nib and metal parts.

Refilling the Converter Unit

To refill the Pen for Life™, simply use the included converter to draw ink up from a bottle into the chamber. Bottled inks come in a much wider range of types and colours than standard pre-filled ink cartridges, giving you greater opportunity to tailor your writing experience to your exact preferences.

Branding Options

The Pen for Life™ features plain upper parts for unrestricted personalisation and can be enhanced by a selection of unrivalled in-house branding options. We offer spot colour print and laser engraving to create a striking message that lasts as long as the pen itself.

Branding Options: Spot Colour & Laser Engraving

Print Area: 30mm x 5mm

Sustainability Tools

We have a selection of sustainability tools to supplement the Pen for Life™ and provide a complete marketing solution for your eco focused campaigns.

Refillogy is a dedicated refill service that offers a comprehensive solution to disposable commodity items while ensuring safety and transparency for the end user. The service provides an extensive selection of refills for a number of different pen models, allowing the user to achieve multiple uses from the same pen once the ink supply has run out.

Our long-life refills offer a sustainable solution to your writing needs by transforming a traditionally single-use item into one that can be reused time and time again. We’re proud to offer long-life refills which are true to their name: with more ink and no empty space, our refills last longer and need to be replaced less frequently than the supposedly ‘jumbo-sized’ alternatives on the market. What’s more, our refills are filled with high-quality German Dokume ntal® ink for a smooth, even and ultra long lasting writing experience.

To use the Refillogy refill service, simply visit and enter the serial number printed on the side of your refill into the search bar to view and order the correct refill for your model.

Paper Sleeves

We’ve introduced a range of paper pen sleeves in a conscious effort to cut down on single-use plastics. Available in three sizes to accommodate a single pen, three pens and five pens, the paper sleeves will replace the traditional cellophane and plastic options and are available to customers as an add-on service when extra protection is required for printed pens.


You can keep up to date with the latest sustainability news and policies with EcoSense: our weekly informational series featured via The Pen Warehouse’s blog page. EcoSense serves as a platform for discussion in an area that can be difficult to navigate and aims to educate through the sharing of practice, product innovation and general ideas from inside and outside the industry.

We welcome the sharing of EcoSense articles across your own marketing platforms to support your eco products and campaigns. To use our material as part of your collateral, send us an email at